Manufacturing for the Complete Life-cycle

3D printing isn’t limited to prototypes and fixtures any more. The latest machines are capable of producing parts that are beautiful, strong, consistent, and most importantly cost competitive with injection molding. This isn’t 3D printing; it’s Additive Manufacturing.

Life-Cycle: From prototyping in production ready materials, to just-in-time production, through end-of-life support – our full compliment of the latest industrial machines can meet the need.

Speed: Many of our materials can now be built as fast a 1cm per hour resulting in parts on your dock in record time. No more waiting for complicated injection molds to be produced and no penalties for design changes. We scale with your production rates – no more huge inventories to manage!

Quality: The latest additive systems produce parts that are 100% isotropic in ultra-strong materials that are fully characterized.

Flexibility: There’s no penalty for changing your design. No expensive molds to build and none of the associated lead time.

Part Consolidation: Limitations in traditional manufacturing often necessitate many separate parts brought together in the final assembly. With the newfound freedom of additive, you can consolidate parts and optimize for size, strength, and light weight. Check out our Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) page for more details.

Complexity for Free: One of the key tenets of additive is the notion of ‘Complexity for Free’. In traditional manufacturing, adding complexities like complex curves, hollow bodies, blind holes, etc, add a great amount of cost – if they can be produced at all! In the world of additive, those complexities are free, or even cheaper due to the usage of less raw material.

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